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Wordpress JQuery

Made for the Integrated Web Concepts course. It uses a custom WordPress theme and a custom plugin for the sidebar widget that lists all recent posts with images. Originally the site was made with weebly and looked much different.

The team consisted of two graphics designers, a marketer, and me, a developer. The layout was wire-framed by the graphic designers, Rebecca Thomas and Nicole Brill. The marketing plan was done by Bruno Simoes Silva.

The sidebar widget
The sidebar widget that lists recent posts with images.

.Originally the client wanted a darker site because it would stand out compared to other health and wellness oriented sites. The graphic designers knew it would be hard to make a dark looking site fit well with the concept of wellness. Eventually the client opened up to the idea of a mostly white site with lots of images and contrast.

The sidebar widget was made because WordPress does not have a built in widget to show recent posts with image. It does, however, have a built in widget that shows recent posts. The widget itself has the option for a title (left blank in the original and live site), and the option to change the amount of posts to show.

The front page does not sport the sidebar, and instead uses a shortcode to render a list of recent posts. The shortcode is used because it can be shifted around in the content so it can be more customization.

The blog portion of the site has rss integration for users who want to easily follow the blog and to know when a new post is posted. Some of the features, like the shop, are disabled because there is nothing there right now.