Matthew Koerber

Web and Software Developer


A content management system more based around blogs. It can be used for other types of sites and is friendly for end users to use.


A Content Management System that has a Model View Controller setup. Extremely bare bones, but very flexible and powerful.


A CSS framework that makes it easy to make a good looking and consistent site. It has a mobile first approach, so it scales well on small screens.


A Javascript framework. JQuery makes it easy to select and manipulate HTML elements.


Developed by Microsoft. Has two major parts, web forms and MVC. Usually web forms and MVC are used separately.

Android SDK

Android's API for native apps. It uses Java as a base language and adds functionality to make it easy to detects taps, button presses, and things like the accelerometer. Not to be confused with Android NDK which allows C and C++ code in an app.