Matthew Koerber

Web and Software Developer





Android SDK

A small android game written in Java using the Android SDK. It is based on an old flash game, motherload, where a player can dig up resources. I have not come up with a different name. The hardest part of this project for me was getting collision to work. It is still being worked on.

The tile set sprite sheet for the motherload game.
The tile set sprite sheet for the motherload game. Each tile is 32x32 pixels.

The sprites, or images, where done by Brendon Dutton. The sprites are in a sprite sheet so only a small handful of images need to be loaded in at a time. Initially the tiles and the player where all in the same image, but i moved the player to another image to easily animate.

The world generates 1,000 tiles (50 in the x, 20 in the y) when the game starts. It can easily be updated to generate more as the player gets deeper below the surface. Each tile consists of an x, y, and type. The type determines the image used for the tile, the chances of the tile generating, and the minimum and maximum depth a tile can generate at.

The tiles and the player are scaled up to about 96x96 pixels as it gives a decent view into the world without everything being super small.