Matthew Koerber

Web and Software Developer

Ticket Dominator (ASP)




ASP.NET Bootstrap

The ASP version of Ticket Dominator was originally going to have the same layout and style as the php version. I instead relied heavily on bootstrap and many of the styles it provides. It does not have a search function due to time restraints.

Ticket Details
The ticket details of a single ticket.

It is built with a MVC, or Model View Controller, programming architecture. It has a model for tickets, orders, and shopping carts. A model, in its most basic form, has variables it requires. For example the ticket model has an id, artist, venue, date, price, and amount. When a page is loaded that has a ticket model a database is queried and will insert values into a ticket object that uses the model. Multiple ticket objects may be created.

The main controllers used in Ticket Dominator are admin ticket, order, ticket, and shopping cart controllers. Controllers will dictate what is displayed.