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Ticket Dominator (PHP)





Ticket Dominator ticket list
The Ticket Dominator ticket list. The front of every ticket card has basic information about the ticket including artist, venue, and date. When hovering over a ticket it shows more in depth information, such as price, time, and amount left. If a normal user is logged in the back of the card will show an "Add to cart" button. An admin will see an edit and delete button on the back of the ticket.

 This is the first Ticket Dominator that i made for a school project. We had to use a PHP back end without a Content Management System.

The search at the top of the page uses AJAX, or Asynchronous Javascript and XML to get relevant results and show them. The AJAX request gets the first five tickets that have the search in the band, location, price or time, in that order, and generates html on the server side.

To add a ticket to the cart or to order the user needs to be logged in. When logged in as a normal user a button appears on each ticket that will add it to the cart.

The only part of the cart that is AJAX is the amounts, subtotals and the total. This is mainly to keep the cart from having to reload every time the amount on a ticket was updated. The remove button will remove the ticket from the cart entirely and will make the browser refresh.

Ordering a ticket, or tickets, will redirect the user to the order history page. Tickets in past orders are grouped by date.

Logging in as an admin allows a user to add, edit, and delete tickets. The buttons for edit and delete appear on each ticket on the ticket list and an add ticket link appears in the navigation. Images for bands can not be uploaded when creating and adding a ticket and must be uploaded to the server manually.

The usernames and passwords for logging in (if you do not wish to create an account):

  • Normal User:
    • user
    • password
  • Admin User
    • admin
    • password