Matthew Koerber

Web and Software Developer

Village Inn Pizza




Wordpress JQuery

Made for the Integrated Web Concepts course. It uses a custom WordPress theme and a custom plugin for the menu.

The team consisted of two graphics designers, a marketer, and me, a developer. Most of the layout was mocked up by the graphics designers. The marketer, Andrew Ringel, came up with the marketing plan and the graphic designers, Nick Harmeling and Brad Walsdorf, made or found existing assets. Some of the advertisements that could be used are at the bottom of the marketing plan.

I thought up how the menu should function on the website and the designers liked it. The menu is collapsed when the page is loaded so the user could see all the different types of food that the restaurant serves. The section title could be clicked, or tapped, and it would open up to reveal all the menu items in that section.

The way the menu works was partially inspired by how physical menus worked with pages. On each page of a physical menu there would be a limited amount of items in sections. In the case of a website it would look like one long page which makes it hard to find what a person wants.

restaurant menu soups and salads section
The mobile version of a menu section.

The menu is fully responsive and will use the image at the side of each section as a background image when the screen gets too small. The menu page also has an option to download the menu.

This WordPress site uses plugins that can be found in the large selection on the WordPress site. They are Ank Google Map, Radio Buttons for Taxonomies, Soliloquy lite, and Simple Custom Post Order.

 The custom post order and radio button for taxonomy plugins are both used for the menu page.